6 Best Bariatric Commodes [2022] – Reviews, Ratings and Comparison

Best Bariatric Commodes

Bariatric Commodes are an easy to use portable toilet chairs, which can be placed anywhere to ensure the most convenience for the user.

Commodes are a great way to provide a person with mobility disabilities to be more independent, and make the everyday life easier.

Most commodes consist of a frame with a toilet seat with removable pan. Here, we have selected 6 best bariatric commodes for you. Read detailed reviews of these best bariatric commodes before you buy.

Our recommendation for the best bariatric commode is Drive Medical Deluxe Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode.


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Product Items
Weight Capacity
My Rating Out of 5 Star

Drive Medical Drop Commode


29 x 21 x 20





NOVA Medical Products Heavy Duty Commode

34.5 x 26 x 20.5


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NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm Commode


22.5 x 21.8 x 23





Drive Medical Steel Drop Arm


33.9 x 20.5 x 11.8





Medline Drop-Arm Commode

23.4 x 19.9 x 20.5





Bariatric Drop Arm Commode

 30 x 20 x 20.520 1000



**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews about the best bariatric commodes, but if you want to read customer reviews and price you can also check the links above.

Detailed Reviews of the 6 Best Bariatric Commodes of 2021

Drive Medical commode potable commode_best bariatric commodesThis bariatric commode is one of the best products in its category. The design of the Drive Medical commode is simple and classic and offers its user all the expected functions. What makes this Deluxe commode great is the easy-to-release arm mechanism, allowing moving on the commode from the side. This function will definitely save a lot of energy for both patient and caregiver, and allow more comfort. The seat is wide and crafted from durable materials, with dimensions of 23” in width and 18” in depth. This commode is extremely durable and can withhold 1000 lbs weight. The Deluxe Bariatric Drop-Arm commode is equipped with a easily removable bucket. Since it is created from plastic materials it will be easy to clean, however, for your comfort you can also use a liner. The bucket can be removed and the commode can be placed over a toilet, if required. In addition this product is best for use in one certain location, since this product does not have wheels. The commode also has padded back rest and arm rests, which will allow you to be comfortable when using it.

best bariatric commodes 2NOVA Medical Products also offer another option for heavy duty commodes. This product is designed to hold up to 450 pounds of weight. The bariatric commode is designed to make any person feel comfortable, with its extra wide seat of 23” and 18.25” depth. Despite its durability, the chair weighs only 22.5 pounds, making it easily transportable. Also the high back rest and padded arm rests will ensure the user even more comfort. The height on this commode can be adjusted to make it easily accessible. This commode can also be placed on top of a toilet, if necessary. Commode is crafter from durable aluminum with powder coated frame, which is easy to clean. It also has a removable bucket that easily slides on and off the chair. However, it is not usable in a shower. This product offers great quality for a really affordable price. Besides being functional, it will also look good in any surroundings.

best bariatric commodes 3If you are searching for more mobility functions, the NOVA Medical Drop Arm Transport Commode will be the perfect product for you. This product offers two functions in one- it can be used both as transport chair and as a commode. It is equipped with 4 wheels, allowing you to easily move around and find the privacy you need. The arm rests and seat are well padded ensuring you the most comfort. The seat is also easily removable to convert this chair into a commode. NOVA commode is crafted from durable aluminum and weighs only 24 pounds. This chair comes with a removable plastic bucket. It is easy to slide in and out of the chair and it will be easy to clean. This chair is perfect for home use, since it offers two important functions and it will be easy to move around in this chair. The chair’s dimensions allows its user to feel comfortable and relax. This chair can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

best bariatric commodes 4One of the most comfortable static commodes in the market is the Drive Medical Steel Drop Arm Bedside Commode. This product has a simple design, allowing you to assemble quickly and easily. The seat, back rest and arm rests of this commode have extra padding to ensure you with the most comfort. The shape of the frame will provide you with extra support. One of the best features of this commode is the drop-arm mechanism. This allows the arm rests to be dropped down, making it easy to get on the chair from the side. This function provides the patient with more mobility and requires less strength from the caregiver. Drive Medical Bedside Commode comes with a 12 gt bucket made of plastic, which is easy to empty and clean. The bucket also has a comfortable handle for carrying and a splash shield to ensure extra hygiene. This product will support up to 300 lbs of weight.

best bariatric commodes 5A similar product to the previously mentioned is the Medline Drop-Arm portable Commode. This portable commode offers all the necessary functions with extra comfort. The toilet seat is heavily padded to make its user extra comfortable. This chair also has padded and wide back rest and arm rests. The best feature of this chair however, is the drop-arm rests, which allow its user to easily slide on the chair. The back rest can also be removed. The height of the chair is adjustable and the legs are equipped with anti-slip rubber, to make this chair safe and stable. The Medline Commode is also very light and compact. It can be easily placed in the required place, and it will fit easily by the bed. The chair can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. The bucket is easily removable and has an anti-splash cover. This commode is easy to maintain, making it perfect for long term use.

best bariatric commodes 6One of the most affordable and durable commodes is the Bariatric Drop Arm Portable Commode 650. This product simply combines all the qualities you are looking for. It is extremely durable and can hold up to 1000 lb weight. The seat is wide and deep enough to make any person comfortable while sitting on it. The frame is crafted from a powder coated steel tubing, which is not only durable, but easy to clean. This chair is sturdy and will ensure stability and security for its user. This chair also has easily releasable arm rest mechanism, which allows sliding on and off the chair from the side. The product comes with an easily removable bucket, which slides on and off from the front of the chair. This commode can also be placed over a normal toilet seat, which will allow you more privacy. The Bariatric Drop Arm Commode is your perfect choice for a low budged, long-lasting commode.

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Our Best Pick

Our pick for the best bariatric commode is Drive Medical Deluxe Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode.