Best Bathing Benches [2021] – Reviews, Ratings and Comparison

Best Bathing Benches 2019

Bathing benches are specially constructed chairs and benches, meant for usage in the shower. These simple devices allow people with mobility difficulties to bath without the risk of slipping and falling. This piece of equipment can majorly increase the comfort of the caregiver and the patient. Here are some best bathing benches we have found for you.

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Detailed Reviews of the Best Bathing Benches of 2020

Drive Medical Bath Stool Bathing chairFrom the wide variety of bathing benches that are available today, there are some models that stand out. One of the simplest, yet functional bathing stool is the Drive Medical Bath Stool.

This blue colored seat is comfortably padded and it is possible to rotate it in 360 degrees. This will make it easier to ensure perfect hygiene.

It is also equipped with a special locking system that locks every 90 degrees to prevent twisting while in the shower. The seat is easy and quick to assemble and the seat top can be removed for storing and cleaning. The height of this bath stool is adjustable from 16 to 23 inches. This bathing stool also has a special tray for your personal items.


This stool is crafted to ensure the most safety and comfort while bathing. The anti-slip rubber on the legs and the padded seat will prevent you from slipping and falling. This stool weighs only 5 pounds but can hold up to 450 lbs. 


best bathing benches - 2Another great product from NOVA Medical is the heavy duty bathing bench. This bench is similar to the previously mentioned NOVA bathing bench, but can hold up to 500 pounds of weight.

Still, the chair itself weighs only 5 pounds. This bench is constructed from a heavy duty molded seat, which will allow you to feel safe and comfortable. The rubber tips and drainage holes prevent slipping and falling.

This bench also has a build in shower head holder to make your bathing experience even better. The seat is 20” wide and 18.25” deep. The height of the bench can also be adjusted for your height requirements.


This bathing bench is rust proof and ideal for everyday use. It can be used both in shower and in a bath tub. NOVA heavy duty bathing chair feels sturdy and safe and it will make bathing easier for anyone needing assistance.

Best bathing benches - 3If you are looking for another type of bathing chairs with back rest, the Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench can be just what you needed. This chair is simple yet very functional.

It is crafted from light weight and durable aluminum frame with polystyrene seat and back rest. The arms of the bathing chair are padded for your comfort and can be removed if not necessary.

You can be sure that the seat and the frame will not turn color even after a long time of use. The seat also has small water drainage holes, which will prevent slipping and ensure more hygiene. It is sturdy and can support up to 300 pounds of weight.



This chair is easy to assemble and it is comfortable for transporting. The height of the chair can be adjusted for your needs. The design of this shower chair is simple, but functional. This bathing bench is not expensive and will provide you with sense of safety and comfort while showering.

Our Best Pick

Our pick for the best bariatric commode is Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench.

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