Best Extra Wide Wheelchairs [2021]

Medline Excel Extra-Wide Wheelchair

Updated July 11, 2021

For better mobility, a best extra wide wheelchair is crucial for heavy people. An extra wide wheelchair is generally wider and heavier than traditional wheelchairs. It can accommodate more weight. An obese overweight person will find this chair very comfortable and smooth.

Those who use wheelchairs know how important it is to be comfortable because they spend most of their time in a wheelchair. So if you are overweight obese person, you must choose an extra wide wheelchair.

If you want to know what is the best extra wide wheelchair for heavy people?


Then my answer is Medline Excel Extra-wide Wheelchair. It is the best extra wide wheelchair we have tried. This sturdy extra wide wheelchair has a lot to offer. It is designed with a solid carbon steel frame to prevent rusting and chipping.


You will get a lot of padding on the back, the buttock area, and the armrests. This will help prevent stiffness and soreness. This Medline extra wide chair will definitely increase their independence and mobility. 

If you need a heavy duty extra wide wheelchair, then you can certainly buy this Medline Excel Extra Wide Wheelchair.

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1. Medline Excel Extra-Wide Wheelchair 24″ Wide Seat

Medline Excel Extra-Wide Wheelchair

The Medline Extra-Wide Wheelchair is big enough to sit comfortably and easy enough to push. This chiar is sturdy and well made. You can also fold and unfold this chair easily for storage in a trunk.

I bought this Medline Extra-Wide Wheelchair for my dad. He is a large man and cannot walk long distances. This wheelchair is just what we needed! It allowed my dad to go to outside activities with us like family gatherings, sporting events, shopping, and more!

This best extra-wide wheelchair has carbon steel frame which is rust- and chip-resistant. It also features easy to clean navy vinyl upholstery. You will also get tool free push button adjustable footrests.

This wheelchair is wider than a normal wheel chair, so it is a very tight squeeze in some doorways. But this chair fits perfectly through the doors like ADA compliant building doors. As it is larger than a normal wheel chair, it is little also heavy. So if you can’t lift heavy things, you may need the help of others.

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Apart from that this extra wide wheel chair is hospital-worthy and good for the bariatric patient. The leg rests of this chair are also adjustable to accommodate a tall person. I would highly recommend this best extra wide wheelchair as it is a great product at a great price.

Why You Will Love This Extra Wide Wheelchair

  • Rust resistant
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Wide seat up to 24 inches
  • Comfortable with plenty of padding
  • Swing Away Detachable Footrest
  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • Arm Style: Desk Length Removable
  • Material: Navy Vinyl

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2. Karman Extra Wide Wheelchair in 24″ Seat Width

Karman Extra Wide Wheelchair

Another best extra wide wheelchair in our list is Karman Extra Wide Wheelchair. It is expansive than Medline Excel Extra Wide Wheelchair that is why it is our 2nd choice.


This Karman Extra Wide Wheelchair is also heavy duty wheelchair that comes with 14 inch wide seat. It is very comfortable for heavy people and also easy to maneuver. 

This Wheelchair is very strong and well built. It has standard features like double padded thick vinyl upholstery and removable armrests. This heavy duty extra wide wheelchair is as tough as steel.

It features heavy duty casters and rear wheels to endure time and abuse. It comes with removable desk length armrests. It has 450 pound weight capacity and weighs 56 lbs.

If this 24 inch wide wheelchair don’t fit your doors, you may need to get off, fold it and then get back on when you have cleared doors.

So I suggest you to measure the width of your doors before purchasing. Apart from that this 24 inch wheelchair is a great option if you are looking for an extra wide wheelchair.


Why You Will Love This Extra Wide Wheelchair

  • Heavy duty casters and rear wheels
  • Exceptionally strong and well built
  • 24 inch wide seat
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Weighs 56 lbs
  • 450 pound weight capacity
  • Removable desk length armrests

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