25 Best Massage Chairs [2021] – Which is The Best Massage Chair?

Best Massage Chairs

Updated July 11, 2021

Best Massage Chairs

Considering the truly hectic lifestyles of today’s generation, massage therapy with the “best massage chair” is very important to maintain a healthy life. As the modern world has many stressors, massage chair not only relaxes us but also helps us to cure many problems whether they are physical or mental. This is why it is a great idea to have a good massage chair at home so that you don’t have to travel every day for expensive massage parlor. Read on for the reviews of a select few candidates for the best massage chair from TheChairExpert team.



A massage therapy chair is a heaven-sent for people with chronic back pain and tendinitis. It is really comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing. They comes with certain predefined programs which start from the head down to the toes. Some have programs that can be customized as per the requirement of the patients.

If you want to buy a best massage chair for your comfort as a gift to yourself, then our guide will help you to make a wise decision. We have selected top 25 massage chairs so that you get lots of options. And that will help you to choose the one which suits your requirement and budget most importantly.

Our recommended best massage chair for 2021 is Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair


Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

AIR Float 3D+ 6 Infrared Roller Mechanism Kahuna Superior Massage Chair – SM-9000 Black

Comparisons of The Top 5 Best Massage Chair of 2021

PictureProductKey FeaturesCurrent Price
Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair Advanced technology AIR FLOAT 3D+ massage mechanism with SL-Track system that offers ultimate custom and comfortable massage
Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair 3D L-track zero gravity massage chair that can heal you from head to toe.
OOTORI Massage Chair Acupuncture-inspired foot roller that will help you to combat muscle tension and relax you further
RelaxonChair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair The L-track roller of this chair moves up and down the spine and lute muscles, which works on back pain relief.
Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair This 3D technology will scan your spine curvature and other physical characteristics to enjoy a customized massage experience.

Top 25 Best Massage Chair Reviews – Which is the Best Massage Chair?

1. Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair

Best massage chair

This Best Kahuna massage chair is packed with lot of advanced features to provide the very best full body massage experience.

The top selling point of this Kahuna massage chair is the 3D massage mode. The 3D massage works on the user’s muscles up and down the spine, the buttocks, and upper thighs providing an all-encompassing massage.

The advanced technology like AIR FLOAT 3D+ massage mechanism on SL-Track system will give you ultimate custom and comfortable massage.


It has zero-gravity feature. You will get eight massage types coupled with three intensity levels. Some of them are brief, while others offer a longer and more thorough massage. All of this can be controlled from the remote provided with the chair.

If you want a best home massage chair then this Kahuna SM 9000 is for you. It is as advanced as one may desire a massage chair to be. It is a highly recommended massage chair for you and our top pick.

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2. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

Best massage chairs 2021

It is our 2nd best choice. You can also purchase this Medical Breakthrough massage chair confidently.

The Medical Breakthrough 6 V4 is made from world-class materials and manufacturing practices.

It features various massage techniques. With the 3D L-track, this home massage chair can heal you from head to toe.

You can truly rely on this zero gravity massage chair as behind the making of this, more than 25 doctors and pain specialists have put their skills and efforts. The zero gravity position will make you start feeling all the burden lifted from your body.


There is only one flaw that this massage chair holds that is it features only one zero gravity position. This point puts a limit on the facilitation it provides to the users. Nonetheless, users will be satisfied with the variety of specifications that this best massage chair offers.

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3. OOTORI Massage Chair

OOTORI Massage Chair

With the Ootori massage chair, reviewers agreed that you get a lot of bang for your buck, compared to pricier rivals. Take a load off, with this zero gravity massage Chair. You will be able to recline completely removing all your weight and pressure.

You can also enjoy the heating function that will help you to warm your lower back as well. OOTORI massage chair offers full body massage, with strategically positioned airbags to simulate different massage including shiatsu, knocking and kneading.

An extra little treat of this best massage chair is the acupuncture-inspired foot roller that will help you to combat muscle tension and relax you further. A built-in Bluetooth speaker will give you a welcome distraction from the strains and stresses of your day.


Users seem to quickly switch from occasional use to daily use, after being amazed at how well the OOTORI massage chair removed their aches and pains.

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4. RelaxonChair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair

best massage chair for athletes

The RelaxonChair MK-II gets a refresh with this model. Like the OOTORI, the MK-II isn’t as feature rich, but you will get awesome massage experience with this massage therapy chair.

This best zero gravity massage chair offers an exclusive L-track system. The L-track roller of this chair moves up and down the spine and lute muscles, which works on back pain relief.

It is very useful for people with chronic back problem such as sciatica. Another unique feature you will get is the spinal decompression.

In this spinal decompression mode, this chair will lay back to fully extend your spine and legs to relieve chronic pain in those areas. Its zero-gravity feature is very solid. You will also get a beauty hip massager, which will work on your lower back and hips.

Like the OOTORI massage chair, the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II chair has a relatively limited feature set. It only has four preset modes, three speed and three intensity levels. But it is enough to get the job done for most people, but if you are looking for more customization option then these chair is not for you.

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5. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Best home massage chair

This shiatsu massage chair is produced by ideal massage. It is a popular massage chair model. This chair comes at a decent price, and offers a nice mix of functions that will fit most users’ preferences.

One great thing about this massage chair is its 3D technology. This 3D technology will scan your spine curvature and other physical characteristics, so every user will be able to enjoy a customized massage experience.

Overall, this massage chair offers many clean features, and costs only a fraction of the price of other models, so it has a good value.

Enter the world of luxury massage chairs without compromise. At an affordable price, get your well-deserved full body massage now. This best shiatsu massage chair will offer a rich and relaxing therapeutic massage that will dissolve the daily stress from top to bottom.

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6. Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

best massage chair brand

This Luraco massage chair comes with state-of-the-art technology, the most effective massage therapies, and health enhancement features. If you take a 10-minute massage of this chair, your body stress and tension will go away as far as possible.

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair has powerful operating system. Where most of the massage chair offers rubber buttons to take control of chair functions and programs.

However, this  home massage chair offers touch-screen control and easy to use remote for you. This feature is much needed in this digital age to easily control your massage chair.

This best Luraco massage chair has memory which can keep data up to five users. Five users can keep their details in this chair and enjoy personalized massage experience. You will also get full body efficient air bag massage and zero gravity massage with this Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair.

This chair massager can monitor health of its users such as blood pressure and heart rate. It will help to deliver a massage that is good for your health. This best massage chair offers 3D robotic system and intelligent sensor for most efficient massage to get rid of back, neck and shoulder pain based on your body shape and size.

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7. Osaki OS-4000 Best Massage Chairs

Top rated massage chairs

The Osaki OS-4000 is a really sophisticated massage chair that comes with innovative technology and wide range of options.

The massage chair uses airbag technology, engineered to mimic the sensitive touch of human hands.

Creating a state of deep relaxation, this top rated massage chair reduce gravitational pressure on the user’s back. You can also easily adjust the  speed and intensity.

This best Osaki massage chair has S-Track design, body scan technology and zero gravity technology. Again, this massage chair offers body scan technology to ensures right and healthy massage according to the user shape.

Osaki OS-4000 massage chair’s shape has been designed to match the curvature of the spine comfortably , particularly the lumbar area. This makes the Osaki massage chair very relaxing to rest in, and also helps to enhance the effectiveness of the massage.

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8. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Massage Chair Reviews

Real Relax is a large brand of massage chairs. Not only do they make great products, but their massage chairs are great deal for the money.

The Real Relax complete massage chair illustrates what makes this company’s products so exceptional. It is a zero gravity massage chair, which means it has a function that will bring you back to the special, ergonomic and spatial position of the body.

It is not necessary to always receive the massage in the zero gravity position. Instead, the product turns into a zero gravity massage chair at the push of a button.

You will get eight massage rollers in the backrest, the additional foot rollers and the fifty huge airbags. This will offer a well-rounded and complete body massage.

In addition, the top rated massage chair offers a heater at the waist. It has 4 different preset massage programs. And this chair is even approved by the FDA. So you know you will be safe when you get the best massage of your life.

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9. BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

best massage chair for neck and shoulders

BestMassage’s Massage Chair Recliner is a good example of a full body massage chair. It is a reclining model, with an adjustable angle, which is very handy.

In addition, the speed, width, and intensity controls all have three different levels to choose from. The customization of this massage therapy chair for back pain is truly unbeatable.

This full body massage chair offers 21 air bags and heat therapy which is used in conjunction with the pressure of the air bags to reduce the strain on the body.

In addition, this BestMassage massage chair includes smart body scan technology to help you receive a customization massage every time.

This system has 11 switches and signals to adjust massage based on a user’s height and weight. You will also get 7 different massage techniques to combine it into a memorable shiatsu massage.

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10. Infinity – Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

Best massage chairs 2021

This Infinity massage chair is a premium zero gravity 3D massage chair with an intriguing range of features.

These feature make Infinity IT-8500 massage chair a machine sent by god for people with tendinitis and chronic back pain. Is it also a good choice if you like full body zero gravity massage.

The Infinity IT-8500 can seem a little daunting because of its price. Yes, it is certainly one of the most expensive models of massage chair on the market.

However, it will certainly pay you back with wonderful massage and features. The 45-minute massage programs are a great bonus. People with chronic pain say that regular use of the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair has been extraordinarily effective in relieving back pain.

You will love the stretch function for decompress the spine and the Seat Sway function to relieve back pain. The biggest drawback is an overly intense foot massage and the lack of a way to regulate this intensity electronically. All in all, if you’re looking for a therapeutic massage chair for your body aches, the IT-8500 massage chair is a big winner.

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11. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

best massage chair for neck

Kahuna LM- 6800 is one of the top and popular massage chair in the market. You will get a very nice massage experiences sitting on this chair. Its variety of functions and prices make them appealing to almost everyone.

Some feature that you will love about this Kahuna massage chair are yoga stretching feature and SH-Chiro. Yoga stretching will help you improving blood circulation and relieving pain by stretching your muscles.

And the SH-Chiro program  targets your spine in order to release nerve energy, relieving pain and pressure all at once.

For automatic massages up and down your back, the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair has an L-track roller. You will also get three settings for its zero gravity mode. This Kahuna massage chair even includes a full body scan that offers a customized massaging experience.

There are some drawbacks of this model, it is louder compared to its competition, and its foot rollers are notably aggressive. Even with its minor drawbacks, for a massage chair packed with luxury features, the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is hard to beat.

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12. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300

best massage chair 2021

Kahuna SM-7300 is a top-notch zero gravity massage chair. It is designed to be a massage chair for big and tall people.

It has a 21-inches of seating area, a 12 inch leg extension and a 24-inch should area which helps the massage chair fit people up to 6.5 ft. tall and 320 lbs.

This massage chair for home has 9 preset program. You can choose from the yoga, stretching, pain relief, fast recovery, relaxation, office person, senior, athlete, golfer, or dynamic sport mode Or you can make your own.

The Kahuna SM-7300 even provides heating therapy and a shiatsu massage for best massaging experience. The air bags of this chair are designed to wrap around your limbs to give you a fuller massage experience. If you are an athlete or fitness lover, this massage chair will help you to relax your full body.

This top massage chair has placed massage rollers on important acupressure points to increase your blood circulation. Between all of the great features, ergonomic design and the LED lighting, this massage chair is not to be missed.

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13. Sinoluck Tinycooper Massage Chair

Sinoluck Tinycooper Massage Chair

Sinoluck’s Tinycooper Massage Chair is an excellent massage chair for neck pain and lower back pain. It is also a zero gravity massage chair that offers 3 zero gravity positions and 3 additional reclined positions.

It has 8 massage rollers in the back. You will also get foot rollers and 32 air bags throughout the massage chair. This large number of massage devices guarantees you a complete massage.

This massage chair is also a foot and calf massager and uses its compression air bag. All of the air bags and rollers on this Sinoluck Tinycooper massage chair imitate real human hands.

But, unlike a human being for a completely personalized massage experience, you can choose between 3 separate levels for the airbags and 3 levels of intensity for the rollers. If you are looking for neck and shoulders pain relief through massage chair then this chair is a good choice.

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14. Synca Wellness CirC – SL Track Heated Massage Chair

shiatsu massage chair reviews

If you want an unusual and portable massage chair, try Synca Wellness CirC-SL Track Heated Massage Chair. This stylish massage chair won the 2017 Good Design Award.

So, you know that its appearance will be a good start to the conversation. The ergonomic design is curved and close to the ground. The Synca CirC-SL’s 106 degree natural relaxed angle makes it perfect for sitting and receiving a massage.

In addition, the massage itself of this good looking massage chair is of the highest quality. It provides an SL-Track design and a lumbar heat function. Synca Wellness has designed its home massage chair to provide maximum support to the pelvic area.

This will help you to improve posture and the quality of sleep. Again, the ambient side lighting of the CirC-SL offers a relaxed and non-displaced atmosphere for your comfortable and relaxing massage.

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15. Titan Chair Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Best zero gravity massage chair

This chair is fitted with two-stage zero gravity seats and a movable S-track mobile intelligent massage automation that offers a particular emphasis on your shoulders, lumbar as well as neck region.

You can adjust this massage chair according to your body curving as well as your weight thus resulting in a more scientific massage.

It has six exceptional designed auto programs such as relax, therapy, healthcare, smart, Demo Automatic, and circulation massage, especially for the upper and lumbar region of the body.

Manual massage is also available mainly for the head and should since this Titan massage chair has the kneading, clapping as well as rolling devices. Air pressure massage ranging from medium to narrow with powerful adjustable vibrations for buttocks. It also comes with wireless mini controller remote.

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16. Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Massage Chair

Bet full body massage chair

This best Fujiiryoki massage chair offers neck relax gripping as well as stretching of the neck nape thus increasing the blood circulation in the upper body regions

It has the perfect tapping/ loop kneading massage that comes with multiple tapping techniques such as up-down, sideways movements.

To ensure all body parts are well massaged, its synchronized massage seat airbags and knead balls provides even the hard to reach body parts are well rubbed.

You can also do whole-body stretch since this best massage chair comes with the combinations of foot stretch and shoulder care features. In addition the waist airbags, as well as the hip airbags, work simultaneously to achieve a twist massage.

It provides humans like massage due to the rhythmic pulse mode that involves a repletion of speed pressurization followed to holding and finally depressurization, thus enhancing blood circulation. You will also get a high LED visibility and a user-friendly remote control as well as electric reclining.

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17. Human Touch Whole-body 7.1 Massage Chair

Best massage chairs 2021

It offers an extensive and full body therapy that ensures a perfect sooth of your muscles, thus eliminating any form of pain.

The seamless orbital massager system features the FlexGride technology that features a 3D orbital system for perfect therapeutic massage experience.

The Body Map Pro enables you to easily select the part of the body you wish to emphasize. You will get five easy to choose programs for your upper, relax, lower sleep, and full body massage.

This top rated massage chair is easy to customize to suit your rejuvenating massage experience at the comfort of your rooms. It has the circulation technology that perfectly massages all your body curves to improve blood circulation

The Circulation technology ensures a comfortable massage free from standard friction and pinching effects. State of the art design, the high engineered ottoman technology has a calf and a foot massager that can rotate to over 55 degrees.

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18. HRelax Zero Gravity Massage Chair

best rated massage chair

This best zero gravity massage chair has Modern relax ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort while massaging.

It offers zero gravitational designed seats that make you feel entirely relaxed both mentally and physically. There are eight massage points positioned at the backrest as well as 50 airbags thus guaranteeing you a full body massage.

For taller individuals like me, it comes with footless extension and a foot roller massage for regular usage. It features Bluetooth music and a three-year warranty.

The two heaters positioned at the inside of the foot and seat ensures better heat circulation thus increasing blood circulation around these regions

The seat massager has the squeeze, vibrate and heat features. High quality services assured as the massager is 100% tested in the factory. Artificial leather which is not only comfortable, soft but also durable. It also has VFD display screen thus making it easy to use and the built-in Airbag, which captures the arm design perfectly.

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19. KTN Massage Chairs

Massage chair reviews

Its a multi-purpose massage chair that features zero gravity seats for better lower-back heating massage. It has the seat vibration, calve function, and a whole-body airbag, foot roller.

It provides super intelligent airbags and massage hands techniques featuring backrest rollers, foot rollers, as well as full body massage features.

The three different levels of intensity are easily adjustable to suit your massage for legs, arms, shoulders, and over the body.

You can easily adjust your body position such as horizontal, which in turn can reduce pressure at the back, thus increasing blood circulation and reduced heart pressure.

For better quality assurance, this massage chair has a three-year warranty, so in case of an issue, contact our experienced service team within the specified period.

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20. Lernonl Full Body Massage Chair

best massage chair in the world

This Lernonl massage chair comes with body detection system thus ensuring you get a customized massage service every time.

For instance, once you sit down and switch on the massage machine, it automatically measures your spine length, thus adjusting accordingly.

Features multiple massage programs such as auto massage intensity and speed adjusting features that you can either choose to customize or adjust manually.

It offers SL Track as well as Zero Gravity. Its massage rollers will glide perfectly, particularly from upper to lower body. The Zero gravity position offers the best aspect to massage your whole body as you spread your weight equally on the chair.

It comes with airbags massage for your full body, shoulders, lower and upper parts that are well programmed to either inflate or deflate accordingly, thus causing your body to stretch or twist individually or simultaneously.

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21. Relaxonchair MK-CLASSIC Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This is another best massage therapy chair on our list and  offers super intelligent body scan technology, as well as second-generation contoured using the L-Track system.

For a perfect body-contoured, this 50 inch, second-generation body scanners are mainly designed to contour your glides and back smoothly and from the lower skull to buttocks.

It has the longest L-Truck to accommodate even the tallest individuals perfectly. This Relaxonchair features a three-stage zero gravity seat position; thus you can comfortably recline up to 160 degrees.

You will get full massage programs, either automated or manual control, such as the stretch functions. Manual control systems allow you to specify the specific region of your body where you wish to emphasize massaging.

This Relaxonchair has perfect heat therapy positioned at shoulder, calves, arms, and feet, thus allowing all your body joints to have enhanced blood circulation. It provides advanced foot roller that perfectly controls your forward and backward movements.

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22. Osaki OS-Champ 2 Stages Zero Gravity Massage Chair

best home massage chair

This best Osaki massage chair comes with two airbags massage for your full body, shoulders, lower and upper parts that are well programmed to either inflate or deflate accordingly. It comes with five levels of intensity and speed for the massage

It features the L-Track Roller model to ensure all sizes are fully accommodated. It offers two state zero gravity seats that provide better positioning and comfort as you massage initially inspired by NASA.

It is perfect for your space saving of up to 9 inches. A movable footrest is adjustable up to 7.6 inches. You will get 5 auto programs as well as manual programs. The advanced PU covers ensure your chair is not only durable but also comfortable.

The LCD display that is not only easy to use but also wireless remote control system. You will enjoy Calves, Shoulder, Hips, Arm, Seat vibration massage and Foot pressure massage in this chair massager. 

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23. Massage Chair by KTN

Best massage chairs

This KTN massage chair features Zero Gravity and comes with different zero gravity angles. So that all you need is to click at the button to adjust the most suitable angle for you.

It is comfortable to rest your body in a horizontal position, thus this chair helps to reduce the heart pressure significantly, thus increasing blood circulation in all body parts.

Perfect S-Track model connects with the ergonomics, thus providing flexible acupoint to massage your neck, back, waist area, as well as shoulders.

You will get entire body massage since you can easily adjust the massage position. It has perfect body auto scan as well as heat therapy since this 3D massage chair can scan your complete body data automatically.

It has two heating pads in the waist area and lowers back that helps entirely reduce your waist and back issues while massaging. It comes with a three-year warranty since high quality is fully assured.

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24. 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078

best shiatsu massage chair

This is an exquisite massage chair with perfect finish details and professionally crafted. It offers 100% assured of ultimate ecstatic relaxation and rejuvenation for individuals seeking high-quality body massage therapy

It comes with powerful 3D performance with top bouncy massage balls and KMS-08M-225L systems that reaches every part of your body. Rhythmic Kahuna’s specialized technology is designed for air-cell movements which in turn enhanced better blood circulations

This massage chair has 3D zero gravity massage features and provides first-hand excellent quality human-like massage for your full body. It has HSL-track that comes with four big size high bouncy roller massage structures.

You will also get heating therapy on Lower, Upper, back, feet and legs. The Bluetooth Premium Speakers will make your chair massage more enjoyable.

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25. Osaki Ti-Prime 3D New Technology Massage Chair

portable massage chair reviews

This Osaki massage chair features built-in Airbag, which captures the arm design perfectly. The advanced PU covers ensure your chair is not only durable but also comfort. It provides five levels of intensity and speed for the massage.

The multi-colored LCD that is not only easy to use but also wireless remote control system. This massage chair offers Calves, Shoulder air Hips, Arm, Foot pressure massage and Seat Vibration Massage. 

It comes two with airbags massage for your full body, shoulders, lower and upper parts that are well programmed to either inflate or deflate accordingly

This chair also features the L-Track Roller model to ensure all sizes are fully accommodated. Two state zero gravity seats provide better positioning and comfort as you massage.

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Massage chair reviews 2021

Characteristics of the Best Massage Chairs: How To Choose


Most manufacturer of massage chairs use airbags because they help to compress the specific muscles in different body parts in order to help them relax and be free of pain. You can control the intensity of compression and they will give you an excellent massage experience.


Rollers are made of soft rubber and it usually move to reach the different parts of the body. The best massage chair with newer technology has rollers which can give you authentic and deep massages targeting on the specific areas of the body.

  • There are 2D, 3D, 4D rollers available.
  • They are basically of 2 types- foot rollers and back rollers.
  • The 2D ones not only move up and down the spine but also can go left to right.
  • The 3D rollers can move in and out in the 3 dimensions for a deeper massage.
  • Intensity can be varied as per your preference.

The 4D rollers of massage chair are a replica of masseur’s hands as the speed and timing of the 3D rollers in them can be controlled to give a super thorough deep massage.

They generally follow 2 tracks- the L track and the S track

  • L track is an extension of the s track going up to the hamstrings.
  • S track is a curved track following the curve of the spine.

Heat Pads

In order to help the muscles to relax and improve blood circulation, heat pads are found in the lower back area. Most massaging chairs use infrared rollers settings along with the heated pads.

Body scan feature

Some of the best massage chairs have this scan technology where the computer scans the whole body, adjusts the rollers so that they give the person a through massage reaching all the parts of the body.

The rollers run on the specific areas where the misalignment exists. The rollers position is adjusted according to the height and weight of the person.

Control Panel

Many massage chair models come with a control panel. Some are fixed on an extended arm on the chair and they are very easy to use and helpful.

Some manufacturers give you manual control of the machines while others also provide remote control to help the user better accessibility in switching the machine on or off. You can also control the intensity and speed of the massages with the remote control.

Best massage chair 2021

Preset Programs

Preset programs are very useful because they have a mix of techniques in each of the programs. You just need to press a button and then the machine takes over as at the time of manufacture these programs were pre-set.

It may involve stretching of the muscles, knocking or tapping technique at the correct intensity and speed.  These preset programs will remove the confusion in the user mind and give him a totally worthwhile experience.


To make the experience even more relaxing and rejuvenating, this Bluetooth facility is provided to the user to connect his device and enjoy the music coming through the chair’s speakers for the duration of the massage- isn’t it cool!

Some massage chair even give you LED light to heighten the experience.

Noise Factor

Since they are large machine and have big motors, they can make noise. If you don’t buy a massage chair with silent operating motor, you may face this noise. Try and choose one which has a silent operating motor for you and that would not disturb your family members when using it.


Some of the massage chair brands can be shifted from one place to another on their wheels, but these are lighter chairs but their durability should be checked. The heavier chair models stay put in one place.

Footrest extension

Footrest extension is a very important feature of a “best massage chair for tall people” as their legs extend beyond the massage chair length. In zero gravity position, your legs cannot be dangling. So ensure your footrest extension goes out 3-4 inches more to help you fit in the massage chair.

Music and massage synchronization

As the music and massage move together, this is an interesting feature of a advanced massage chair. When the music is soft the intensity becomes low as the tempo increases the intensity becomes vigorous. Thus massage chair helps in reducing stress in the body.

Considering all the characteristics available in the massage chairs, you will be able to decide and choose the right one according to your requirement.

best massage chair reviews

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

It is scientifically proven that regular massage on chair massager should help reduce stress levels and improve general well-being. According to research by The American Psychology Association (APA), it is estimated that 73% of all human problems happens due to stress, but most of the time we don’t know it. If we succeed in removing stress from our lives, we will be able to get rid of most of our problems.

2. Improves your mood

Regular massage will increase the “feel good” hormones production such as endorphins that help your body feel naturally happy. The chemicals ‘Endorphins’ you can find in antidepressants and these Endorphins really help to improve your mood.

3. Relaxation and rejuvenation of your muscles

A good massage will surely help you to relax. It also ensures that the muscles get relax and your blood flows throughout the body. If you are the type of person who sits at work all day, you can seriously benefit from a best massage chair. When you are relaxed and rejuvenated, you will become more functional and flexible. In addition, you will also not get age as quickly.

4. Helps To Control Diabetes

Massage therapy is recommended for people with diabetes for more than 100 years, since massage therapy at injection sites by a massage chair can help improve insulin absorption.

5. Arthritis

Doctors and Chiropractors often use chair massager to help out those with arthritis and improve their flexibility.

For Arthritis, massage therapy can be a good treatment, but for some forms of severe arthritis, it can have a negative effect, so it’s important to consult your doctor.

6. Muscle Knots

Muscle knots are when the muscle contracts or tightens even when not in use, massage helps relax the muscle, which helps loosen the knot.

7. Shoulder Pain

One of the most familiar pain complaints is shoulder pain reported in the US, and by stimulating the muscles with a massage chair or other massage device, this would relieve.

8. Neck Pain

Neck massagers imitate the hands of a masseuse who stimulates muscles and nerve endings. Research has shown that massage therapy is a useful treatment for chronic neck pain and a massage chair essentially simulates this technique.

9. Helps with lower back pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems among adults today and can lead to disability. A good regular massage on massage chair helps to solve this problem. It helps to relieve pressure on the spine and helps with posture, thus alleviating back pain.

10. Reduces headaches and migraines

People who are constantly suffering from migraines and headaches should consider seriously having a regular massage at least once a day. This will help alleviate the triggers and help you sleep better. Once you sleep regularly every night, you will find that your headache will start to go away.

11. Improve Posture

Poor posture can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. And a good massage chair can help with associated pain and it will improve your flexibility and general posture for sure.

12. Improves your cardiovascular health

A lot of research shows that massage is very powerful therapy in reducing stress. It will also lower the blood pressure and limit the risk of heart attacks in patients.

13. Makes you creative

Regular massage allows you to think properly and clearly. It helps to opens your mind. As a result, you can pay more attention to your work because most of our distractions will be eliminated, and you will be much more productive and creative in your work.

14. Body’s flexibility boosts

For athletes and other professionals, regular massage on massage chair will help them maintain flexibility in their bodies keeping them active for a longer period of time.

15. Helps you sleep better

The massage will also increase serotonin levels, which will convert it into sleep hormones and you will be able to sleep very well at night, and you will wake up much more fresh and relaxed than you have ever been.

massage chair reviews

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

All massage chairs, regardless of their size, use air bags or rollers to exert pressure and release on the body. Smaller products such as massage chair cushions can only use a few rollers to provide a pleasant back or neck massage.

However, the best massage chairs brands have a much more advanced system. These chair massager use airbags during inflation and provide gentle pressure. Airbags are generally used in sensitive areas such as the head and neck. If the massage chair is provided with a variety of pressure settings, these control the inflation force of the airbag.

Rollers are used in massage chairs to exert more intense and concentrated pressure on the body. The massage chair can have double or quadruple rollers. But both types of rollers rub against the skin to form knots and increase blood flow. The rollers are also attached to the guides of the massage chair, which moves them. This allows the massage chair’s rollers to move to a specific area of ​​the body.

The widest variety of rollers and airbags in the massage chair, the most detailed and targeted massage you will receive. Most massage chairs are equipped with a remote control, which allows you to read preset programs or find the pressure and intensity settings that suit you best.

Full Body Vs. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

When looking for the best massage chairs some common phrases that you will see are “full-body” and “zero gravity”. Now these are not mutually exclusive features, but are functionally different.

A full-body massage chair is exactly how it looks. It is able to touch all the main parts of the body for pain-relieving and deep massages.

Where, a zero gravity massage chair can lift your feet slightly above the heart. This improves blood flow to the legs, which can reduce pain and swelling. It also allows the rear rollers to massage the spine more effectively, offering the maximum massage effect.

Almost all massage chairs on this list offer full body massages, but not all of them are zero gravity.

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What Are The Different Massage Styles?

Before buying a massage chair, we need to look at what massage types the chair delivered. You will see many forms of massages there. Some of the most common massage style are the following:

Shiatsu Massage – 

This is a unique form of Japanese massage that involves the manipulation and stretching of muscle tissue to relieve pressure. Shiatsu helps increase blood flow, which has a multitude of health benefits.

Kneading Massage  

Kneading is one of the most common forms of massage therapy. It applies pressure to deep tissue and superficial, helping to relieve pain and anxiety.

Tapping Massage 

This is one of the most delicate massage techniques that generally targets on the neck and calves.

Knocking Massage  

Knocking is a repeated movement applied to the back to help reduce pain.

How Massage Chair Can Make You Relax

You don’t go to the doctor every time you feel slight pain in a specific area. You tend to ask someone to press this area to get relief. The muscles in this area relax their contraction and the blood flow increases, providing relief.

A massage not only relaxes stiff muscles or relieves pain, but also has many health benefits for today’s fast-paced lifestyles. This massage treatment is growing by leaps and bounds in its demand and popularity.

It is not only relaxing but therapeutic because it reduces stress and tension both in the mind and body, also inducing a good night’s sleep.

When a masseur starts rubbing the body with bare or gloved hands, it improves lymphatic and blood circulation, causing more oxygen to reach the muscle cells.

This is how a massage chair can make you relax.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Massage Chair

Are massage chairs good for me?

The excess of everything is not good; In case of massage chairs it is also same. If used appropriately for a reasonable period of time, they can ideally be used to combat back pain problems. You may also notice that right use of this technology can also bring several health benefits for you as well.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

We recommend using the massage chair every day. It is the best muscle relaxant and pain reliever you can get. In addition, it can also benefit your body by improving blood circulation. So using a chair massager every day doesn’t seem like a bad idea. You just have to define a routine for your massage and relaxation sessions.

Is it worth buying a massage chair?

Massage chairs are great for daily massages, which will save you a lot of money compared to hiring a masseuse. It is worth buying a massage chair. You will love this innovative technology for sure.

Can a massage chair hurt my back?

Most chair massagers are designed to solve back pain problems. Although overuse of the massage chair, can worsen a pinched nerve and can cause injury to a person’s back.

Will a massage chair help sciatica?

Many people suffer from this chronic and painful ‘Sciatica’ problem. Well, there is good news for you; yes, a massage chair can help to cure sciatica. It can be very helpful in reducing the pain caused by Piriformis syndrome. But, if you suffer from severe sciatica, it is recommended that you consult a professional physiotherapist.

Is massage chair good for Children?

There is no minimum age for massage. Children are recommended to do their massages with the consent of their parents and in their presence. Remember not to leave your children close to this technology alone.

Are massage chairs covered by Medicare?

The massage chairs do not refer to any serious medical condition, so they are not covered by Medicare. But, there are some massage chair brands that claim to have professional doctors sitting together to manufacture their product.

Why are massage chairs expensive?

Massage chairs are worth every penny. They help solve many problems in the human body, in particular sleep therapy, deep tissue therapy, and massage therapy. They help save a fortune that we spend on hiring a masseuse when we need a good massage. Having a massage chair at home is fantastic.

How To Install a Massage Chair



All in all, above “best massage chairs of 2021″are meant to relax you and remove the stress and pain. It should be comprised of all the excellent specs and features that you can ever dream of having.

These massage chair’s contribution seems to be extremely important as it provides many heath benefits. Massage chair is also available in various styles to help meet the needs of the people.

Again, the demand for the massage chair is growing more and many people are looking for them as they are no longer a luxury but a necessity considering their lifestyles.

Remember this an investment which you have to make now to reap its benefits till later in life. It may also be used by your children and grandchildren if you take good care of it.

As it is gaining popularity, many insurance companies are providing coverage today. Compare the prices of the top massage chair models available in the market. Choose the one which has good features and is also economical.

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