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Best Pediatric Wheelchair

Updated July 11, 2021

Pediatric manual wheelchairs are specially created to fit the needs of an active child. These chairs will allow the user to move freely in school, during playtime and anywhere else. 



A good wheelchair can provide the child with several positions, like standing and sitting, as well as laying down. Pediatric wheelchair must meet all the needs of the child. When choosing the chair, things like mobility, independence, physical abilities and skills have to be taken into account. 

A top pediatric wheelchair will provide the necessary support and can be adjusted to the needs of a growing body. Read detailed reviews of these best pediatric manual wheelchairs before you buy.

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**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews of the best pediatric manual wheelchairs, but if you want to read customer reviews and price you can also check the links above.

Detailed Reviews of the Top 5 Best Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs

1. Wenzelite Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair

best pediatric manual wheelchairs 2018

The Wenzelite Wallaby pediatric wheelchair is crafted from a steel frame, powder coated in a beautiful red color. The seat, wheels and other details are come in a contrasting black color, making this chair very attractive. The upholstery is crafted from durable nylon material, and it is easy to clean. This chair is designed to make your child as mobile as possible. The wheelchair is Bus Transit Approved when it is used in conjunction with Headrest Extension and Harness.

It is light and easy to maneuver. The push handles are height adjustable to make it easier for you to push the chair around. The desk length arms allow this chair to be used comfortably by dining table or study desk. The arm rests can also be flipped back when they are not needed. The footrests are also movable and when your child needs to get in or out of the chair, simply swing the footrests away. The large rear wheels make this chair easy to maneuver. For extra safety, this chair comes with a pelvic belt with a reversible cover, as well as special calf straps. For extra comfort and safety, you can add the headrest extension and the H harness to your chair. It is easily foldable, but it weighs 26 pounds, which can make it hard to place it in a trunk. Nevertheless, this chair feels sturdy and safe and will ensure a lot of comfort to its user.


  • Slim, good looking and very comfortable.
  • The high back ensures stability and comfort for patients with low muscle strength.


  • The bolts on the chair have quite sharp edges therefore you need to be careful with them.
  • The leg rests initially take a lot of strength to clip lock them into place, but with time the system gets easier to work with.

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2. Medline Pediatric Wheelchair, Swing-Bag Desk-Length Arms

medline best pediatric manual wheelchairs - 4

This great looking chair will be an excellent aid to ensure most mobility. It is crafted from aluminum and painted in a bright yellow color. The upholstery is made out of black vinyl material, which is comfortable for everyday use and easy to keep up. This chair comes with several special features. The arm rests are comfortably padded and since they are desk length, you will be able to use this top-rated wheelchair when sitting at a dining table or study desk. The arm rests can also be swung back and they can even be removed.

Another great feature for this chair are the leg rests. The height of the leg rest can be easily adjusted, and they are equipped with special calf rests. The leg rests can be elevated, making this chair perfect for preventing swelling in lower legs. The footrests and calf stabilizers can also be removed if they are not required. This chair had large pneumatic rear wheels and smaller front wheels, making it easy to maneuver. The pushing handles can be adjusted for your height requirements. The chair only weighs 25 pounds, making it easier for you to push it and to transport it. Medline pediatric wheelchair has 14” wide and 12” deep seat, making it the perfect size for your child and allowing them to have comfort and mobility. The design is comfortable and ergonomic and your child will enjoy the range of motion it can provide.


  • This wheelchair is easy to assemble and adjust to the height needs.
  • It is very light and easy to fold, making it perfect for traveling.


  • Does not have any featured parts for head and neck.

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3. Circle Specialty Ziggo Pediatric Wheelchair

Circle Specialty Ziggo Pediatric Wheelchair

The Ziggo pediatric manual wheelchair focuses primarily on daily comfort, strength and practicality. The Circle Specialty folding wheelchair has a durable steel frame for a long life. It has a folding design and is ultra light. This folding feature makes this pediatric wheelchair extremely easy to transport and store.

The armrests have a flip-back design and you will find this wheelchair at desk high. For added personal comfort, the footrests have an adjustable and swing away design. This best pediatric manual wheelchair has a soft, breathable and high quality PVC upholstery. You will feel comfortable in all seasons and in daily use. It also features rugged PU leather tires that offer quick-release capabilities. The front wheels are made of durable PVC. And the rear wheels of this chair offer a reliable stop and grip at the same time. You will also get straps for comfort and safety.


  • This  pediatric wheelchair is designed with heavy-duty steel frame for high durability.
  • It offer a safe, secure and dependable means of transportation
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Has 3 different size to choose from 12″, 14″, 16″
  • Lightweight folding wheelchair


  • It is only designed for kids and young adults.

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4. Self Transporting Pediatric Wheelchair with Dual Brakes

Best Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs 2018

MedMobile wheelchair will be ready for use straight away, since it comes already assemble. It is easy to fold for transportation and will not take up much space when it is stored.

The tires that come with the chair are better suited for indoor use, however, if you want to use the chair outdoors, the tires can be changed. The height of leg rests can be adjusted and they can be swung away, making it easier to get in and out of the chair. The user of the chair will be able to have a lot of mobility, since this wheelchair is easy to maneuver and its dimensions allow it to go through all doors. The hand brakes will ensure even more safety, when the wheelchair is pushed by a caregiver. 


  • The self-transporting wheelchair is Equipped with back storage pocked and has handbrakes for safety.
  • It is easy to assemble and store when not in use.
  • Perfect for short term usage.


  • Despite being categorized as lightweight, the chair is quite heavy.

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5. Medmobile Self Transporting Pediatric Wheelchair for Kids

best pediatric manual wheelchairs -3

The Medmobile Self Transporting pediatric wheelchair is one of the best products in the market for such an affordable price. The frame of the chair is made of aluminum, painted with bright colors for the enjoyment of its little user. The upholstery is made of black nylon material, which will not get dirty easily and is easy to clean. The seat padding is very soft and will make its user comfortable throughout the day.

The padding can also be easily removed when it is not necessary. The back of the chair is foldable, making the transportation size of the chair even smaller. It also has a special storage pocked in the back for your personal belongings. The extra large pneumatic wheels in the back and the small caster wheels in the front make this chair easy to maneuver and to push.

It will be perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The chair’s dimensions are 35” in height, 20” in width and 37” in depth, which allows it to pass through all standard doors. The pushing handles are at a very comfortable height, making it easier for the caregiver to push the chair around. The foot rests are easy to flip up when you want to sit down or get out of the chair. Overall this chair feels stable and safe and it is easy and comfortable to use. If you want to ensure extra safety, you can purchase a seat belt separately.


  • This chair has removable padding, to make it lighter when you are traveling, but ensure more comfort during daily activities.


  • The wheels do not come off and they are shipped deflated (you will need an air pump).

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Our Pick for Best Pediatric Manual Wheelchair

It is very important to have the right pediatric wheelchair for your kids. Our pick for the best pediatric manual wheelchair is Wenzelite Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair.

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