Best Power Add-on Systems for Wheelchairs


Updated July 11, 2021

Power add on systems for wheelchairs are attachable handcycle instruments that convert your manual wheelchair into an efficient arm-powered speed machine. You can easily go faster, farther, downshift to climb hills, upshift for maximum range and speed. These wheelchair power add on systems will help you to do exercise, cardio workout and strengthening the upper body.


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Again, this wheelchair power add on system is easy to control and maneuver. You can also control the direction even on side slopes. With a tight turning radius, it can navigate sidewalks easily and safely.

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Best Power Add On Systems For Wheelchairs

Handcycle for Wheelchair

Dragonfly Attachable Handcycle for Wheelchairs

Pros: easy to attach to your wheelchair. Works excellent on any surface and will allow you to easily go up hill and downhill. Reduces the strain on your shoulders, giving you the chance for an excellent cardio workout.

Cons: For this device to be used, it requires upper body mobility.


The Dragonfly Attachable Handcycle for wheelchair is a great product which will allow you to go further with less effort.

This manual handcycle is perfect for those who want to be more mobile and active in their daily life. It is easily attachable to most adult and pediatric wheelchairs and you can adjust it to your height requirements.

This handcycle gives you the opportunity of a great workout, in the meantime reducing the strain on your shoulders and wrists. The design of this handcycle make it easy to maneuver going any direction, even on slopes and sidewalks.

The large front tire will allow you to get over any obstacle with ease and ensure you a lot of stability against tipping backwards and forwards.

This handcycle is equipped with high quality Shimano Revo Rapid Fire Shifter, Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub coaster brake and Disc Braking System. The 12” tire is perfect for city use. This product has all standard bicycle components, allowing you to make your own customization. The total weight of the handcycle is 24 lbs. it will be easy to attach, detach and transport.

You can also add an optional basket to this handcycle for storing your personal belongings. This product is one of the best of its kind in the market. You will surely enjoy the range of motion and increased mobility that this handcycle can provide you.

Firefly Electric Attachable Handcycle for Wheelchairs

Handcycle for Wheelchair

Firefly is another product to qualify for the list of Power Add On Systems For Wheelchairs.

Pros: The electric handcycle is easy to assemble and attach to your wheelchair which means its great for using when traveling, even in airports.

It works perfectly on any surface, even on steep roads. Best performance will be seen on hard surfaces, like asphalt and concrete.

Cons: The system will take some practice to attach and detach, but after a while you should be able to do it in no time.

The Firefly electric attachable handcycle for wheelchair is an amazing product that will completely transform your wheelchair and your daily life.

This chair will provide you with a lot of extra mobility. The 36 V lithium polymer battery is long lasting, and allows you to go around 15 miles (24 km) when fully charged.

The motor is quiet and strong. You will be able to go up hill with ease. This handcycle works perfectly on all surfaces, but you will feel the best effect of it on hard surfaces.

The cycle is hand controlled and will remove the strain from your shoulders. It is easy to maneuver and control in any direction. The front tire is 12” and the handcycle is designed to prevent you from tipping over.

The attachment system consists of a release ball and socket, and it can be attached in 4 easy steps. This handcycle will fit most adult and pediatric manual wheelchairs, and it is easily adjustable for your height requirements.

The handcycle has a LED headlight, speedometer, odometer, bell and a battery life indicator. The total weight of the device is 33lb, and it also comes with an optional basket.

This product is one of the best in the market and it will definitely change your everyday life.  

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