Best Transport Wheelchairs [2021]


Updated July 11, 2021

Reviews, Ratings and Comparison of the Best Transport Wheelchairs. Read detailed reviews of these best transport wheelchairs before you buy.

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Transport Wheelchairs are transport safe, comfortable and lightweight. These have four small wheels, two wheels in the front and two wheels in the rear which come up with much easier maneuverability of the chair. We have selected some best transport wheelchairs for you.

NOVA Heavy Duty Bariatric Transport Chair with 400 lb. Weight Capacity

Medline Ultralight Transport Chair

  • Dimensions (inches): 34 x 23.2 x 34
  • Weight (lbs): 14.8
  • Seat Depth (inches): 16
  • Seat Width (inches): 19
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 300
  • Rating:  4.1/5

NOVA Medical Products 22″ Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair

  • Dimensions (inches): 16 x 27 x 36
  • Weight (lbs): 27
  • Seat Depth (inches): 15.5
  • Seat Width (inches): 21.25
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 400
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Lightweight Deluxe Folding Transport Travel Wheelchair

  • Dimensions (inches): 39 x 22 x 37
  • Weight (lbs): 25
  • Seat Depth (inches): 16
  • Seat Width (inches): 18
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 200
  • Rating:  3.7/5

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews about the best transport wheelchairs, but if you want to read customer reviews and price you can also check the links above.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Transport Wheelchairs of 2021

Medline Ultralight Transport Chair, 19″ Wide Seat, Permanent Desk-Length Arms

Best Transport Wheelchairs 2021

The Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes will definitely be your best purchase ever. This chair ensures its user with high mobility and comfort. The wheelchair is equipped with large rear wheels and smaller front wheels to ensure perfect stability and better performance. If you ever had trouble on uneven outdoor surfaces, this chair will surely make you forget about such troubles. The chair also has Hand Brake to ensure extra comfort and security. The Frame is crafted from a coated aluminum, making it light and durable.


The chair weighs only 22 lbs, but can hold up to 300 lbs of weight. The chair can be easily folded for transportation. The light weight and simple folding mechanism will allow its user to comfortably store the chair in a vehicle. The seat of the Medline Transport Wheelchair is crafted from nylon, making it super easy to clean and comfortable to use. The chair also has full-length armrests with comfortable cushioning. The footrests are easy to detach and fold away when they are not required. The loop-style handbrakes allow the rear wheels to be locked during transfers. This wheelchair comes in a beautiful red color with black upholstery for a truly amazing price.

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NOVA Medical Products 22″ Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair

NOVA Medical Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair

The NOVA Medical Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair is one of the best products in its category. This transport wheelchair is lightweight, weighing only 27 lbs. Despite its light weight, this chair is constructed to hold up to 400 lbs of weight. The seat of the chair is also made wider and deeper, with dimensions of 21.25” in width and 15.5” in depth. The seat is crafted from a durable black nylon material, which is easy to clean. When folded, the chair will not take up a lot of space, making it easy to transport.

This wheelchair is equipped with several important safety features. The bigger back wheels will ensure safety on uneven terrains. It is also equipped with the NOVA Feather Touch hand brakes, which will make it easy to control on inclines or bumpy terrains. The wheelchair also has a safety belt. This chair is easy to fold for transportation. The desk arms allow the user to be close to the table and prevent uncomfortable situations when eating. The arm rests are comfortable and have the Flip Up option. This function will allow the patient to scoot in order to move in or out in the chair, without needing extra strength to get up. This chair offers great quality and durability for an amazing price.

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Lightweight Deluxe Folding Transport Travel Wheelchair in a Bag with Handbrakes ECTR04

Best Transport Wheelchairs 2021
Wheelchair can provide the patient with a lot of mobility and help in all daily activities. The Lightweight Deluxe Folding Transport Travel Wheelchair is not only extra light, but is also easily foldable. This folding wheelchair is excellent for a driver. The mechanism allows it to be quickly folded and stored in the car. It is also very light, which will provide the patient and the caregiver with more comfort. Removable leg rests make this chair even more compact, and it can be easily stored in the wheelchair bag that comes with the product. Despite its light weight and compact shape, the chair also provides comfort with excellent padding.

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Our Pick for Best Transport Wheelchair

Our pick for the best pediatric manual wheelchair is “NOVA Medical Products 22″ Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair”.

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