Best Way To Clean Wheelchair Wheels [2022]

Best Way To Clean Wheelchair

Updated December 14, 2021

If you are looking for the “Best Way To Clean Wheelchair Wheels” then read on. The wheels of your wheelchair become dirty over time. Mud and gravel, leaves and twigs, sleet and snow are there, especially in rainy or wintry weather.

Wheelchair Cleaning

Both manual and electric wheelchairs gather dirt and debris wherever they can roll, and they will also carry those things indoors.

Certainly, you want to protect your floors and carpets from stains, dirt, and debris from the wheels. The cleanliness of the wheels of the wheelchair is an important issue.


Outdoor Rugs help to some Extent

When you enter the interior, it is better to have a place to pause and inspect the wheels, so you can see what is trapped in them. This area would be a place to have an outdoor rug with a rough grass or bristle surface. Clean your wheels while parked on the mat, then you can shake off debris from the mat on the porch or trash can. It might be good to have a small vacuum cleaner near your cleaning area.


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Best Way To Clean Wheelchair Wheels of Different Types

Cleaning the Wheels of a Manual Wheelchair

Best Way To Clean Wheelchair Wheels

Wipe off with cleaning wipes, damp paper towels or a car wash glove. Make sure that any chemicals you use to clean the wheels of your wheelchair do not stick or leave some unwanted results on your floors. A multi-purpose cleaner, like 409, will do the job.

Some people recommend a bicycle tire cleaner for wheelchairs. It is made to clean wheels and is generally harmless for floor surfaces. A car wash glove will protect your hands and help you apply the tire cleaning chemical. The gloves are also washable, so you can save money on paper products. Wipe all the moisture from the wheels. You can dry the wheels with a hair dryer for a few minutes.

Cleaning the front wheels of a manual chair requires a little more attention because you will have to support the wheelchair on its side or rest it on a table to reach them. To remove twigs, leaves, or animal skins from spokes or spinning wheels, use something that can dislodge them, such as a long-handled brush, a toothbrush, or even tweezers or tweezers. A can of compressed air or a hair dryer can be useful to safely and easily remove loose debris.


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Cleaning the Wheels of an Electric Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair

Cleaning the wheels of an electric wheelchair is a bit more difficult because the wheels usually have a deep tread and are harder to reach. First, unplug your chair for safety. Do not apply liquids directly on the electrical parts or battery of your electric chair.

Again, wipes or a damp car wash glove can help clean the surfaces of the tires. A sturdy handle brush with strong bristles, like the one normally used to clean a car’s tires, is useful for dislodging glued mud or gravel.

Use compressed air or a hair dryer to blow loose dust, leaves or twigs, in hard-to-reach areas near the battery region and other cracks in the base of the wheelchair. It can be difficult for the user of the wheelchair to clean the wheels himself; A caregiver may need to do this.

Clean wheel helpers

There are some innovative RehaDesign products to protect your wheels and prevent them from accumulating dirt wherever you roll and track indoors. This company sells tire covers for wheelchairs that fit the tires and wheels.



These covers are removable and machine washable. The company also has water resistant neoprene covers for the rear wheels that can cover the wheels in wet environments. Check the company’s website for more information.

In some cities, there are companies that offer cleaning services for wheelchairs for domestic use, both electric chairs and manual wheelchairs.

Wheelchair washers

If you have a very dirty wheelchair, whether it’s just the wheels or the seat and the frame, you can ask a local hospital or a nursing home about how to wash in your wheelchair’s washing machine.


This is a device that cleans and sterilizes wheelchairs, and facilities that have many wheelchairs usually have them. In some cities, there are companies that offer cleaning services for wheelchairs for domestic use, both electric chairs and manual wheelchairs.

Protocol for Cleaning Wheelchairs

Anyone who has used one before knows, wheelchairs have to last because they allow people with disabilities to function independently. Cleaning is an important part of wheelchair maintenance. It may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite easy when you use the right protocol.

Cleaning the wheelchair frame

Dirt and dirt can affect the efficiency of the wheels and brakes, so wheelchair frames should be cleaned regularly, or at least weekly, depending on how often the wheelchair is used. A wipe and a non-abrasive wax-based cleaner work best because they make the chair shiny and more resistant to scratches.

Abrasive cleaners, such as furniture polishes, should not be used, as they could damage wheelchair cushions and harden frames or footrests. If these parts harden, they could become more prone to dirt buildup. A mild detergent can also be used to remove dirt, dirt or sticky spots.

Cleaning cushions for wheelchairs

It is best to clean the cushion of a wheelchair after the user goes to bed so there is enough time for it to dry. Use materials such as baking soda or vinegar. In situations where there is not much time, spray deodorants can be used to remove odors from the cushions.


According to the wheelchair cleaning guidelines of the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia, the covers can be removed from some wheelchair cushions and put into the laundry in the gentle cycle. The wheelchair cushions should be cleaned whenever a user spills something or has a medical emergency that may cause a bad smell.

Cleaning wheelchair wheels

Wheels of wheelchairs should be cleaned as often as frames. The same type of cleaner used on bicycle tires or other type of cleaner that does not leave residue should be used. Sometimes, the interior of the tire will also get dirty, but you can buy covers to avoid it. In addition to dirt and grime, wheelchairs can accumulate hair, cords and other materials on the wheel axle or wheels over time.

According to the WisTech Assistance Technology Program, a sharp tool or a selection tool must be used. If cleaning the place and cleaning a wheelchair regularly does not clean it to the owner’s taste, try high-pressure cleaning with a hose and hot water, according to the cleaning guidelines of the WisTech wheelchair.

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Some Bonus Tips to Maintain and Clean Wheelchair

When a car or any other vehicle goes through regular maintenance and care, they last longer than those that are left unattended. It also reduces the repair cost. Here, we have included some maintenance tips that will improve the performance and reliability of your wheelchair in many folds.

Best Way To Clean Wheelchair Wheels
  1. Check your wheelchair for loose nuts or screws at least once a month.
  2. Check the removable parts of your wheelchair regularly. If the wheelchair contains leg rests, footrests, armrests, and removable backs, make sure you can remove them without problems. Also, check whether the reclining backs or tilt mechanisms work correctly or not.
  3. Carefully check the axles, wheels, wheels, and tires of the wheelchair. If you find any buildup of hair, string or other items on the wheel axle or wheel bearing that makes wheel spin difficult, remove them with a sharp tool or punch. Make sure that the tire pressure and the tread are sufficient.
  4. Check the frame of the wheelchair to see if there is any crack or break in the metal. Areas such as the cross-clamp of a folding wheelchair or the wheel casing are stronger than other parts. Therefore, check them first and inform your wheelchair dealer if you need to repair the frame.
  5. Check the locks of your wheelchair. You do not have to exert excessive pressure to activate or release the locks if they are in good condition. Make sure they do not rub against the tire.
  6. Make sure that the folding wheelchair opens and folds quickly and does not produce any annoying sound. Folding chairs require lubrication at least once a year. More lubrication is needed for greater humidity.
  7. Check the ball bearings and lubricate them if necessary. Manual wheelchairs contain sealed bearings or cleaners to protect them from water or dirt. Try to hire a specialist trainer to take proper care of the ball bearings.
  8. Check if the wheels are correctly aligned at least once in a month. If your wheelchair tries to change its direction at the time of sliding, there is a great possibility that the wheels are not aligned. Repair the wheels in case they are damaged and adjust their alignment.
  9. Try to clean, inspect and fix the damaged parts of your wheelchair regularly and make sure the seat system is working well.

Bottom line

You should do whatever it takes to keep the wheelchair in good working order. Good news is that you can do most of the maintenance work at home. However, some parts or special components require specialists to repair them.

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