Cheap Bathing Benches [2021] – Reviews, Ratings and Comparison

Bathing benches are specially constructed chairs and benches, meant for usage in the shower. These simple devices allow people with mobility difficulties to bath without the risk of slipping and falling. This piece of equipment can majorly increase the comfort of the caregiver and the patient. Here, we have selected 3 cheap bathing benches for you.

Detailed Reviews of the Cheap Bathing Benches

cheap bathing benches - 1For those on a budget, but looking for a stable and safe bathing chair, the Carex Tool Free Shower Stool is the perfect choice. This cheap bathing bench is easy to assemble, and will not require much effort. It is light weight and easy to transport. This bathing stool has a round seat and it is perfect for small sized bathing tubs or showers. The legs have rubber tips to prevent slipping and the seat is crafted from polystyrene. This bathing chair will feel safe and stable and will not take up much space in your bathroom. The height can also be adjusted for your comfort. It is constructed from strong aluminum and is also rust-proof. It only weighs 3 pounds, but can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. The Carex Shower Stool is simple, easy to use and very affordable. It is a perfect choice for those looking for bathing assistance on a limited budget.

cheap bathing benches - 3The NOVA Medical Deluxe Bath Seat with Arms offers you more stability and space. This great looking cheap bathing bench is perfect for someone needing extra support. This bathing chair is crafted from aluminum and is extra lightweight, weighing only five pounds. Despite its low weight, the chair can hold up to 300 lbs. It is easy to transport and store. You will not require any tools to set it up or take it apart. The frame is also rust proof, which is very important for this type of bathroom equipment. This chair will support your weight and the comfortable arm rests will allow you to stand up and sit down easily. The legs of the chair have rubber tips that will prevent any slips. It also has special holes for water drainage, making this chair as safe as it can be. Almost 16 inches wide, this chair will provide you with enough space to move around. The height is also adjustable. This Deluxe Bath seat is great looking, comfortable and highly functional and comes for an excellent price.

cheap bathing benches - 3One of the newest products in the cheap bathing bench category is the Tool-Free Spa Bathtub Shower Chair. This product is perfect for those needing safety and support while showering. The chair is crafted from a heavy duty anodized aluminum and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. Despite its light weight, this chair will feel stable and secure. The legs have rubber tips to prevent slipping. This cheap bathing chair has a wide and very comfortable seat. It is crafted from a high density, anti-bacterial polyethylene and has drainage holes to ensure you with the most safety and hygiene. The back rest will provide you with most comfort while bathing. The back rest can also be removed if not required. This bench is easy to assemble and transport and weighs only 6 pounds easy to use, comfortable and durable. This bench will last for a very long time and ensure you the best bathing experience.

Our Best Pick

Our pick for the cheap bathing bench is “Tool-Free Spa Bath-tub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench with Removable Back.”