Ergonomic Office Chairs and Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Updated March 2, 2021

What are Ergonomic Office Chairs?

There are tons of ergonomic office chairs out there, but they are not made equal. If you’re considering purchasing an ergonomic office chair, then you definitely need to seek one that is simple to use, yet comfortable to sit in. The biggest problem with many ergonomic office chairs is that the wrong chair can cause your spine to twist and cause pain. If your spine isn’t aligned correctly, then you’re going to have problems with back pain.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair for Office or Gaming?

Look for the following attributes while hunting for your ergonomic chairs.

Seat Width

One thing that you want to look at when you’re trying to find an ergonomic office chair is the seat width. Seats that are too wide will cause your shoulders to be pushed up and create more strain on your back. On the other hand, seats that are too narrow will cut into your thighs, causing your thighs to hit the backrest, making it uncomfortable. The ideal seat width is somewhere between too narrow and too wide, and just enough to fit over your hips so that your thighs are resting against the backrest.

Seat Height

When you sit down in an ergonomic office chair, make sure that your hips are slightly tilted forward. This will relieve some of the pressure on your lower back. If your spine feels too much pressure sitting in the chair, then you are ready to look into something that will help you fix the problem. Seats that are too low will put a lot of pressure on your lower back, and could cause pain. Make sure that you’re sitting tall, with your feet on the floor.

Lumbar Support and Seat Pan Support

Another factor in finding the right ergonomic office chair is the lumbar or lower back support. Many ergonomic office chairs only offer lumbar support and don’t do much to help with the problems of the back. You need to find one that offers you both lumbar support and seat pan support. Seat pan supports are important because they help keep your lower back aligned properly. If you’re not properly supported, it’s going to be more difficult for you to sit up straight, and this is going to lead to pain in various parts of your body.

Swivel Mechanism

You should also make sure that there is a swivel seat mechanism so that you can move the chair in different directions without having to pull or push. These two features will help keep your lower back from stiff and will relieve some of the pressure that you are putting on your arms, shoulders, and other parts of your body.


The final consideration when buying ergonomic office furniture is the armrests. The best ones will include a couple of adjustable armrests that can be adjusted in order to suit your individual needs. Most chairs have at least two armrests, which is very good. The better chairs will even have three or four armrests, with the ability to further adjust them in multiple positions depending on your needs.

All in all, you’ll spend a lot time sitting in your ergonomic office chairs, so it’s important that you make sure that they’re comfortable. Make sure that you try them out before you buy them. Try out several different models until you find the perfect one for your needs. This way, you can make sure that you get one that doesn’t irritate your neck or back.

Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair

Adults Gamer Ergonomic Game Footrest Reclining High Back Support Racer Leather Foot Rest (Spider-Man)

Why is an Ergonomic Chair Important?

Avoid Medical Problems

Many companies have found that adding the right ergonomic gaming chair to a workplace can improve worker health. Workers that sit in the wrong position for long periods of time tend to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a painful condition that involves the nerve on the arm and fingers. It affects your ability to work right, which can cause mental strain and even affect your work productivity. There are many other medical problems that can arise when people sit in the wrong position for too long. Most of these conditions are related to the back, but there are some that relate to the face as well.

Avoid Stress and Strain

Sitting all day long can lead to problems such as neck and back strain. When you are choosing the right ergonomic chair, make sure it has adjustable height features. This way you can change the angle at which you are sitting at will change the pressure points in your body and reduce the amount of strain that you are putting on your body.

Better Focus and Concentration Levels

Many office workers spend several hours each day in front of a computer. Sitting in an ergonomic gaming chair can benefit not only your lower back but your shoulders, neck, and face as well. When your head is properly aligned, it allows you to see the screen better and focus more clearly. This can help improve your concentration levels as well as your reaction times.

Other benefits to ergonomic gaming chairs include those of decreased fatigue and stress. Your body will be able to adjust to the amount of pressure that it is feeling throughout the day. If you sit all day long in an office chair, you will begin to feel tired after a few hours if it has not been adjusted to your individual body measurements. If you have the ability to adjust the chairs in such a way that it supports your lower back, you will not feel the same way after spending several hours in an office chair that does not properly fit your body size and weight.

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Are ergonomic gaming chairs important? The simple answer is YES.

Any ergonomic chair you decide to play in could just be an ergonomic gaming chair. Gaming chair manufacturers think about how to improve on the basic ergonomic chair design to make it suitable for the gamers’ taste. If you are choosing an ergonomic chair for your long gaming sessions, make sure to check out the extra comfort features that go into that chair.

Conclusion: Do We Need Ergonomic Chairs for Office or Gaming?

Ergonomic chairs should have all of the features discussed above and maybe some more. Ergonomic chairs can have great benefits in short, mid, and long term on health and productivity. So, we definitely believe you need an ergonomic chair!

There are many models with leather exterior, high backs, lumbar support, and other features that make them superior to ordinary chairs. Ergonomic chairs are built tough to hold up for years of heavy usage be it in office or for gaming. Consider your money spend on an ergonomic chair a good long term investment.

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