Why Is The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott in a Wheelchair?

Why Is The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott in a wheelchair

Updated November 2, 2021

Many Texans ask why Governor of Texas ( Governor Greg Abbott ) is in a wheelchair. His story is one of triumph over tragedy. It’s natural curiosity: people who once knew little about Governor Greg Abbott see it in television news conferences and wonder why he uses a wheelchair.

Check Out Why The Governor of Texas is in a Wheelchair!

On a summer day in July 1984, Governor Greg Abbott, a 26-year-old man from the law school, decided to take a break from studying for the bar exam by running in a neighborhood west of Houston.

Abbott was out running in the afternoon to the neighborhood of River Oaks in Houston which he has done many times before. As he ran, a large oak along his path cracked and fell on Governor Abbott’s back, leaving him paralyzed forever from the waist down.


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At that time, Abbott had just graduated from Vanderbilt Law School and was studying for the bar exam. He had taken a break from the studio to go jogging with his roommate.


“You wake up, you study, you take a break, you go running,” Abbott told Theodore Kim in an interview for a profile of 2010. “There were no warnings, forebodings, I did not think my life would change forever.”

What Doctor has Discovered After the accident?

The surgeons discovered that Abbott had fragments of bones lodged in his broken spine. He also had fractured ribs and kidneys. After the accident, Abbott was forced to lie down for a month before beginning the rehabilitation process.

Abbott passed the bar exam a year later, starting him on the road to a career in politics. During his 2014 election campaign as governor, he often told the crowd that the accident had literally given him “a thorn in steel.”


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In 2013, Abbott published the terms of a lawsuit for the accident for the first time. Abbott sued the owner and tree care company and won. In total, the settlement agreement has a value of around $ 9 million. As of 2013, it had received around $ 6 million.

When he was taken to the hospital after the accident, doctors discovered several crushed vertebrae that splintered in his spinal cord, broken ribs and damage to vital organs.

While lying in a hospital bed, strangled by incomprehensible pain, the doctors worked to rebuild their vertebrae. Doctor inserted two steel rods near his spine, which will remain there for the rest of his life. During his heartbreaking process of recovery, Governor Abbott recalled the lessons he had learned all his life, especially the lesson of perseverance.

Through this experience, Governor Greg Abbott (governor of Texas) learned that our lives are not defined by our challenges. Rather, we define our valuable lives by how we respond to those challenges. His triumph over the tragedy shows that Governor Greg Abbott does not retreat from the challenges, but uses his lessons of perseverance to overcome those challenges.

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While some politicians talk about having a spine of steel, Governor Greg Abbott will use his steel column to fight for you and for every family in Texas!

source: gregabbott.com

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