Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair [2021] – Reviews

Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair Reviews

Updated July 11, 2021

Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair is among the most amazing models ever made by Kahuna Company. For years this company has been manufacturing massage chairs that not offer the most therapeutic benefits but also give the best value for their money.

The fantastic features that come with this massage chair have made it gain loyalty by people, while individuals suffering from chronic back pain or leg pains will find this chair of great benefit.

For a maximum relaxing experience, the Kahuna SM9000 massage chair uses a 3D massage mechanism that ensures your entire back curvature is included in the therapeutic massage leaving no muscles out hence maximum relaxation.


Unlike the other ordinary massage chairs in the market, this massage is not only quiet but also has a sliding mechanism that makes it easy to store. Being a multipurpose chair, it is suitable for both well-built bodied persons and slim persons. Additionally, this massage chair has six infrared rollers, not to mention the 30 airbags that provide the best relaxing experience you can ever think about at any time.


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Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair Reviews

One of the most amazing features you will notice about this Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair is its spacious nature measuring 53” x 29” x 48” while it weighs over two hundred pounds.  With such amazing features, even the tallest guys measuring more than 6’5” in height and over 300 pounds will still find this massage chair very beneficial to them.

Almost all Kahuna massage chairs are designed with the most recent technology to save most of your room space while satisfying all your therapeutic massage needs. The chair also has the best chromo therapy devices installed on its sides, not to mention the soft LED lights that provide a soothing environment as you undertake your massage, thus achieving your ultimate goal of relaxing.


While this isn’t a great feature, many people say that the soft lighting helps them relax and ultimately get more out of the massage experience, and it serves to give the chair something of a futuristic look.

Key Features Of Kahuna SM 9000

  • It is a perfect relaxing massager for any user
  • It features a 3D massage technology in its chair that resembles your back curvature thus ensuring all muscles massaged
  • The SM-9000 massage chair is not only quite when in use but also has an improved sliding mechanism that makes its storage much easier
  • Available for both large and slim users at a reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble for the first time. Not more than an hour task.
  • Its infrared rollers, together with the airbags, provide the most comfortable and relaxing massage experience.
  • Perfect roller depth to ensure your entire body submerged for excellent massage results.
  • Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair comes with a Zero Gravity massage position that makes your massage experience impeccable.
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth for more comfortable pairing with your music system, phone, or laptop.
  • Has acupressure points such as offering gripping feeling around your hands to maximize your massage outcome
  • LED Lights creates a soothing environment as you enjoy your massage experience
  • The Zipper covering is easily removable to ensure they last longer.
Kahuna SM 9000 Reviews


  • Voltage: 110 – 120V
  • Power Consumption: 230W Max
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Net Weight: 246.92 lbs
  • Chair Dimensions: 55.5” x 30” x 48.5”
  • Warranty & Service

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Kahuna SM 9000 Massage chair features and operational details

The Kahuna SM-9000 massage chair comes with several amazing features and a perfect design model. For instance, the chairs 3D massaging mechanism is a great mechanism that utilizes a combination of both the airbag technology and the infrared rollers, thus enhancing its comfy nature for the best relaxation experience. The rollers also have the incredible depth that covers your entire body by its amazing paddings. Its zero-gravity nature also contributes to its comfortable use, not to mention its ease of use since unlike other massage chairs, this model requires only a 3-inch roller gear to lift you to your desired upward position.

Once your body lies in the horizontal position, the massage rollers can cover your entire body for a maximum massaging effect. The three feet massaging setting of this chair ensures a thorough body massage. For instance, if your chair model doesn’t include the curve rollers, the airbags curves around your body and feet to provide the much-needed pressure at the specific parts. The inbuilt Bluetooth connection also ensures you can pair it to your stereo, TV, Laptop, and phones to enjoy the music right from the chair.



Hybrid L/S-Track & SIX Rollers

Although quad rollers are still circulating in the market, modern chairs have an advanced innovation to include a six roller which comprises a three-set of well-arranged triangles featuring one at the top while the other two at the bottom at both sides.

The fact that Quads offers massage similar to a human hand, six roller array is even far much better as compared to the Quads. The soothing heat is as a result of heat rollers in addition to these chairs are built with an L-Track fitted below the rollers so that to massage your thighs and buttocks, resulting to an extraordinary massage experience.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair Reviews

To add to the high quality massage experience that the Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair offers is the Zero-Gravity seating position. Its innovative design makes you feel like you are suspending on-air and weightless. Again this feature is easy to attain since pressing a single button. It ensures a more comprehensive massage even into your inner body parts.


It has several massage styles and techniques

By default, this massage chair offers over eight massage services and each service unique in its way. For instance, each of these services has a particular form of using the 3D rollers and airbags, thus resulting in the best massage experience ever. Note you can also customize the operational mode of the chair, such as manual mode to enjoy your specific programs.  The infrared rollers are designed to run on both heated and cold conditions, but they will apply pressure equally on both styles.

Massage Intensity and Speed

You can easily vary the speed and intensity of massage while using this chair using a remote control panel. There are primary intensity levels that you can adjust: the lower, medium, and highest intensity. While the more moderate intensity ensures a gentle caress, the highest mode provides a deep muscle massage. Similarly, there are three types of speed settings that you can control using a remote control panel.

Acupressure Points

The acupressure points are well fitted on the arm massage area to offer a gripping kind of a feeling on both of your arms, thus enhancing the massage’s effects.

LED Lights

The LED lights are known to provide a soothing atmosphere in an environs, and this is why they are attached to the chair side panel,

Zipper Covering

You can easily remove the foot and legs for easy maintenance.


A Solid Air Massage

Although the manufacturers don’t provide the exact number of airbags, according to the drawing, they are approximately 36-second generation airbags that deliver excellent air massage experience.

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Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair Reviews 2020

Massage rollers

The remote control of Kahuna SM 9000 Massage Chair allows you to activate the airbags to massage specific body parts, particularly if you aren’t going for the full-body experience, although both offer excellent exposure.

Heat and massage

As stated earlier, rollers get heated and thus allowing you to enjoy both massage and heating at the entire back. Most massage chairs offer the heating option around the lumbar region to ensure better relaxation of muscle, thus increasing the blood circulation. The heated seat pad also ensures a better therapeutic heat at the lumbar area as well as at the feet, thus providing maximum relief from skin calves and aching. For instance, this massage chair is particularly handy for those suffering from chronic leg pain, as well as those requiring regular massage services for their feet.

Exquisite Foot and Curve Massage

It is one of the most favorite features of Kahuna SM 9000 massage chair and again a significant component of this massage chair. Curve massage is attained by a series of heated airbags while the foot massage via a combination of rollers and airbags simultaneously. The foot massage has three options, such as rolling, kneading, or scraping, which ensure your foot is thoroughly massaged.

Body Stretch

So far, Kahuna SM 9000 massage chair has the most fantastic body stretch in the industry. For instance, it has featured in the Yoga Stretch. The Kahuna Company has gained loyalty from its customers not only for its practical massage chairs but also its innovative nature, such as helping individuals with chronic back pain get relieved from such excruciating pain at reasonable pricing.

Bluetooth connection

The mp3 support system, although not that critical, it adds to your relaxation mood by adding a piece of excellent soothing music to you very close. The inbuilt Bluetooth connection means you can pair your laptop, phone, or TV sets to the chairs inbuilt speakers to enjoy your favorite music.

Extendable Ottoman

In addition to its spacious nature, thus chair has an extendable Ottoman that makes it one of the most spacious and tall people-friendly by supporting users with over 6.5’ tall.

More than average quality options

Our excellent massage chair features not only make our self-pride as the best massage manufactures but also the most loved by people all over the world. We are number one in offering the best massage techniques, such as.

  • Knocking
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading & Tapping
  • Shiatsu (also known as the Finger Kneading)

Note although other massage chair brands could be offering similar services, we assure our services are of the highest value and reliable. Although our massage chair is relatively expensive than other chairs, we ensure you get the best value for your money.

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Extra features of Kahuna SM 9000

Auto Programs

The Kahuna SM9000 Massage Chair Company has distinguished itself by offering other unique and quality services such as an honest automated program such as:

Quick Recovery

A rapid exercise lasting about 10 to 15 minutes that helps relieve joint and back pain, particularly after a tiresome physical exercise.


Kahuna SM 9000 provides ten-minute exercise involving a gentle massage in addition to tender stretching best for unwinding your muscles after a long day of sitting.


A form of stretching but quite more vigorous that involves the use of intense roller intensity and more engaging stretching.


A type of massage lasting less than ten minutes that involves combining a gentle roller moves with a soothing rhythmic design to relax your body, thus attracting sleep.


Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair offers very balanced and a quick massage lasting only 8 minutes all the above massage activities as well as a brief stretching movement.

Pain relief

It is a massage exercise that involves various massage techniques hence increasing the blood circulation in the lumbar region. The activity lasts for about 20 minutes.

Music Sync

It involves synchronizing the music beat you are listening with the roller action. It is a pre-programmed technique to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers.


We guarantee our customers with quality products, and that is why The Kahuna SM-9000 gives our customers a five years full warranty that covers all repair costs even at your home. Note warranty does not cover wear and tear or goods on shipping.

Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair


  • Extensive heat
  • 8 Default Massage Settings
  • 3D Massage
  • Different pre-programmed massage options
  • Exceptional calf and foot massage
  • The company’s legendary Yoga body stretch
  • Built-in Bluetooth connection
  • A surprisingly strong air massage
  • Useable by big and tall people
  • a world-class roller-based massage experience


  • Poor Instructions Manual
  • No ability to adjust the massage time
  • The remote could be better.
  • Only one Zero-G seating option
  • We’d love to have seen more massage techniques
  • No way to change the temperature of the heating elements

The chair’s strengths are simply amazing, and its negatives are relatively minor.  In our book, that makes it one of the strongest chairs on the market today, at any price.

Concluding Kahuna SM9000 Review

The simple way to describe this Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair is that it is the most fantastic massage chair and from the most reputed massage chair company all over the world today. Perfect for people with chronic back pain as well as hobbyists that ensures you get the best value for your money. Kahuna SM 9000 is an excellent massage chair and highly recommendable.

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